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Smiley Thanksgiving 1

Thanksgiving, fourth Thursday in November, turkey day...

Thanksgiving smiley turkey day smiley

smiley Thanksgiving smiley turkey

Thanksgiving smiley turkey
smiley happy thanks smiley Thanksgiving smiley
Thanksgiving Day, or Thanksgiving, presently celebrated on
the fourth Thursday in November, has been an annual tradition
in the United States since 1863.

harvest festival, traditionally...

turkey day smiley tday smiley
thanks turkey day Thanksgiving smiley

turkey smiley Thanksgiving t day

smiley Thanksgiving smiley thanksgiv

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 ♥   Park N. Son  and  Ryan O'Plasty  get engaged

 ♥   Ida Liver  still waiting for true love

 ♥   Meg A. Mind  and  Zachary S. Matic  are in love

 ♥   James N. Aimes  and  Sy Kotic  are expecting a baby

 ♥   Hugh Etit  will marry  Lou Natik

 ♥   Lotta Air  is still single

 ♥   Courtney Fish  and  Rhoda Boat  are married

 ♥   Ron De Vue  is in love with  Lucinda Head

 ♥   Char Acter  has broken off with  Nora Spect

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