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Try to pick-up, First date, Seduce, love, go cruising...

love smiley Chat-up smiley Chat-up
chat-up in love Trying to pick sb up chat-up smiley smiley smiley
chat-up smiley kiss smiley go out with me
love letter smiley chat-up kiss
pick sb up cruising romantic

I love you, tease, hug, smooching, breakup...

tease smiley alone smiley Trying to pick sb up
angel in love smiley pick sb up loving
hug love smiley smiley my lover chat-up smiley
chat-up cruising condom smiley chat-up
smiley chat-up smiley smiley letter

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A guy had been feeling down for so long that he finally decided to seek the aid of a psychiatrist.

He went there, lay on the couch, spilled his guts then waited for the profound wisdom of the psychiatrist to make him feel better.

The psychiatrist asked me a few questions, took some notes then sat thinking in silence for a few minutes with a puzzled look on his face.

Suddenly, he looked up with an expression of delight and said, "Um, I think your problem is low self-esteem. It is very common among losers."

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