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Smiley Eyes

Rolleyes, Eyes, roll, gaze, eyebrows...

wink Eyes smiley roll ohhh expressive rolling smiley gaze

survey Rolleyes Eyes Eye breathing astonished smiley

Eyes revulsed eye big eyes winks smiley lost smiley smiley

expression smiley Eyes Rolleyes surprise time

big eyes eyebrows wink doubt doubt smiley green surprised

puzzled, look, wink, glance, binoculars...

winks look eyebrows survey eyebrows astonished

expressive smiley puzzled smiley lost smiley glance smiley eyes

smiley incredible smiley smiley smiley what incredible

smiley binoculars smiley idea smiley winks expression
smiley winks eyes surprised smiley smiley smiley

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Not Lol but Lulz !

 • Lulz !

 •  Chuck Norris invented the buffalo, but only to roundhouse kick it in the face.

 •  Guns don't kill people, Chuck Norris does.

 •  Chuck Norris makes egg salad with ninchucks.

 •  Chuck Norris only drinks the blood of his enemies, but cleverly disguises it as water and other beverages.

 •  Chuck Norris eats pencils and markers for breakfast, and he shits out masterpieces.

 •  For one day, muscle and beard were living entities, and they conceived Chuck Norris

 •  Chuck Norris doesn't have to eat, but he does it anyways to be cool.

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