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Smileys Farm Animals

Animal, turkey, chicken, chick...

turkey   smiley turkey     turkey smiley
turkey smiley chick chicken smiley chick egg
chicken smiley chick smiley calimero smiley chick chicken

Cow, pig, rabbit, sheep...

sheep pig smiley

cow graze smiley cow smiley cow
rabbit smiley rabbit rabbit hare smiley

smiley rabbit farm smiley rabbit kiss

smiley rabbit smiley easter smiley

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 ♥   Lotta Money  and  Wenda Rinn  get engaged

 ♥   Moe Zaic  still waiting for true love

 ♥   Ira Pete  and  Andy Tover  are in love

 ♥   Drew A.Plan  and  Sal Monella  are expecting a baby

 ♥   Myra Gret  will marry  Clara Net

 ♥   Louise Intheroom  is still single

 ♥   Andy Nasty  and  Alvin Yard  are married

 ♥   Di Jest  is in love with  Joseph Irot

 ♥   Ida Claire  has broken off with  Cal Culator

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