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Smiley Health Professions

Health Professions and Scientific Trades...

doctor    massage    mouth savant

hospital     smiley     Health     smiley

radio psy Health psychanalyst

Health, nurse, hospital, doctor, veterinary...

psy smiley smiley doctor nurse doc
Health smiley scientist optic Health

accident smiley smiley nurse ill Health smiley

veterinary Health smiley smiley

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 • Love story !

 ♥   Chris P.Bacon  and  May Day  get engaged

 ♥   Preston Henge  still waiting for true love

 ♥   Alba Tross  and  Alf A. Romeo  are in love

 ♥   Allota Money  and  Bess Sellars  are expecting a baby

 ♥   Roy L.Flush  will marry  Minny Vann

 ♥   M. T. Head  is still single

 ♥   Alotta Fagina  and  Mark Z.Spot  are married

 ♥   Ty Tannick  is in love with  Anita Alibi

 ♥   Reed Mylips  has broken off with  Kent Stop

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