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Hello Smiley 3

Greeting, Hello, hat...

smiley hi smiley hello hullo smiley hello
bonjour peace love and harmony hat

hi christmas greeting smiley hallo smiley hello
hi smiley hullo hand smiley
hallo smiley smiley smiley here I am hello shakes your hands
hat smiley hullo surprise hullo

Hello, chineese, how are you ?...

chineese smiley  china smiley chineese bonjour
smiley desert island smiley desert island aloha smiley desert island

greetings smiley welcome smiley
smiley egyptian youhou hi salute
bonjour hello here I come hat hello hallo smiley

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Mr. Baldwin, the biology teacher called on Mary, "Can you tell me the part of the body that, under the right conditions, expands to six times it's normal size, and state the conditions."

Mary gasped and said in a huff, "Why, Mr. Baldwin! That is an inappropriate question and my parents are going to hear of it when I get home !"

She sat down, red-faced.

"Susan, can you tell me the answer !" asked Mr. Baldwin.

"The pupil of the eye, under dark conditions," said Susan.

"Correct. Now Mary, I have three things to say to you. First, you have not studied your lesson. Second, you have a dirty mind. And third, boy are you going to be disappointed someday !"

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