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Smiley Star Wars

Star Wars, Jedi, lightsaber, Death Star...

smiley the Force     smiley

smiley yoda smiley jedi luke
lightsaber Force smiley starwars darth vador smiley
May the Force be with you, little Smiley !
smiley jedi smiley jedi

Star-wars, ship, Yoda, Luke, Use the Force...

pod smiley starwars

dark vador smiley pod

laser smiley alien smiley sabre laser

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   (")(")      rabbit
  :)=          rabbit

  @_v          snail

  @_ö          snail slobbery

  8)           frog

  8P           frog in love

  \_O<         duck

smiley face and gif


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