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Happyness Jovial Smiley 2

Contented, pleased, glad, cheerful, blissful, cheery...

cheery happyness lol

rofl smiley lol jovial chineese laughing pleased

ttyl smiley happy happy smiley glad lol

gal blissful jovial cheery smiley agree happyness smiley

smiley happyness smiley smiley happyness

Happy, Laugh, lol, rolling on the floor, rofl, Hurray...

happy  lol rofl smiley hurray smiley

peace happy laugh baby

rolling on the floor happy happy jovial

smiley happy glad smiley laugh happy

happyness jovial smiley laugh smiley laughing yes

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 • Lulz !

 •  When Vin Diesel gets pulled over he lets the cop off with a warning.

 •  If you rearrange the letters in Vin Diesel it reveals his credo: "I End Lives."

 •  All of Vin Diesel's genes are dominant.

 •  Vin Diesel once walked down the street with a massive erection. There were no survivors.

 •  The popular videogame "Doom" is based loosely around the time Satan borrowed two bucks from Vin Diesel and forgot to pay him back.

 •  Vin Diesel always asks for the same Christmas gift : A box of Smurfs and a sledgehammer.

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