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Smiley Joyful, laugh 4

Blissful, laughing and giggling, ok, agree, laugh...

laugh smiley giggling smiley blissful
Blissful smiley laugh smiley rofl smiley giggling

giggling smiley clapping winner rofl lol smiley

laugh giggling smiley  laugh smiley smiley
smiley laugh smiley laughing smiley

Joyful, glad, unchained, yep, youpi...

happy smiley lol smiley happy

lol giggling kissing smiley laughing yep smiley

joyful clap smiley laughing smiley  glad smiley
smiley mort de rire smiley joie smiley hippy smiley

happy joyful smiley glad smiley

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A woman meets with her lover, who is also her husband's best friend.

They make love for hours. Afterwards, as they lie in bed, the phone rings. Since it's the woman's house, she picks up the receiver. The best friend listens, only hearing her side of the conversation :

"Hello ? Oh, hi... I'm so glad that you called... Really ? That's wonderful... Well, I'm happy to hear you're having such a great time... Oh, that sounds terrific... Love you, too. OK. Bye-bye."

She hangs up the telephone and her lover asks, "Who was that !"

"Oh," she replies, "That was my husband telling me about the wonderful time he's having on his fishing trip with you."

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