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Smileys Madhouse, Insane - 2

Silly, crazy, delusional, delirious...

crazy smiley silly smiley  

crazy smiley mad smiley delusional smiley delirious smiley

mad smiley mad smiley silly smiley smiley asylum

smiley crazy smiley mad smiley dumb silly smiley

Mad, stupid, delirious, dumb...

stupid smiley dumb smiley smiley mad smiley dumb

silly smiley dumb smiley mad smiley

crazy smiley delirious smiley dumb smiley mad

smiley dumb smiley silly dumb
desert senility crazy insane mad

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 ♥   Ann Chovie  will marry  Rhoda Booke

 ♥   Jenna Rozity  is in love with  Kate Astrofic

 ♥   Tom Morrow  is still single

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 ♥   Ivanna B.Badd  still waiting for true love

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 ♥   Ivanna Dayov  has broken off with  Dan D.Lyons

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