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Smiley Ugly mindless - 2

Ugly, mindless, imbecile, stupid...

mindless smiley ugly smiley smiley

smiley silly smiley ugly smiley smiley mindless

smiley idiot smiley ugly smiley imbecile smiley smiley

smiley stupid smiley ugly smiley ugly smiley moron

Idiot, silly, uglyness, trashy...

smiley moron uglyness smiley ugly smiley uglyness

smiley uglyness smiley ugly smiley

mindless smiley uglyness smiley smiley ugly smiley

ugly smiley silly smiley silly

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 ♥   Brett Andbuter  and  Chris Anthemum  are expecting a baby

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 ♥   Gary Okey  has broken off with  Sam Diego

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