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stupidity, corny, mad, silly...

mad smiley silly smiley corny

smiley smiley ugly smiley stupidity smiley smiley

moron smiley smiley ugly  smiley smiley stupid

smiley mad smiley fool smiley trashy

smiley ugly smiley stupidity smiley smiley

ugly attitude, idiot...

idiot happy smiley ugly smiley stupid

smiley stupidity smiley smiley ugly smiley square

smiley smiley silly smiley ugly smiley

trashyy smiley stupidity smiley ugly smiley

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Two atoms are walking down the street when they run into each other.

The first says to the second "Are you alright ? You don't look too good !"

"I'm not feeling too well" says the second atom. "I lost an electron."

"Are you sure !" says the first.

"Yea I'm positive !"

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